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Mobile SFA for Dairy

The Dairy industry has a peculiar problem of highly perishable products.

This combined with peak buying hours in a day throws up unique challenges for the delivery as well as the sales team.

For the delivery team to function efficiently, they should have a clear idea about the demand as well as the stock already present in the distribution chain. Demand in dairy can be very elastic; depending on a lot of factors.

PepUpSales - Mobile SFA helps in providing the real time demand as well as stock availability. Salesmen can audit distributor as well as outlet stock and update the same on the mobile app. The Sales Managers and Sales Head can view in real time all the stock information across their distribution chain.

Sales Managers can track where their salesmen are spending their productive hours and ensure that the relevant outlets are covered first.

PepUpSales - Mobile SFA is being used by dairy companies for both fresh milk and processed milk and milk products.

Apart from the stock and secondary data, the salesmen can take Primary Orders from distributors.